Well I believe I said I had an interesting ant and spider post for you all, so here it is. Here in beautiful sunny Busselton we have everything you could want, gorgeous beaches, cafes, shopping, wineries just half an hour away, Simmo’s, the best ice cream parlor in the world as far as I’m concerned and then we have two of the most wonderful creatures in abundance…..yep you guessed it….ants and spiders. Now neither of these particular bugs bother me much at all, if I see a spider and know it’s poisonous, I kill it immediately….I mean I do have little ones running around after all and if I happen to see ants in my sink I simply turn the tap on and send them down the drain…though the ants in Busselton seem to have learnt to swim because they occasionally come back up the drain. Busselton is known for it’s ants and you don’t dare leave even a crumb on the kitchen bench or sink because you will come back to find a trail of fifty ants carrying one crumb and once they think there’s a supply of food they just keep coming back.

Now like I said they don’t tend to bother me too much, I deal with them as I see them but Chris on the other hand….now there’s a story. The ants are driving him mad and he thinks Busselton has formed a mutant strain of ant because no matter how many times he sprays or puts ant-rid down they just keep coming back. I’ve never heard anyone curse ants the way Chris does and some days it takes all I have not to laugh at him when he gets on a rant about how it’s his house and not theirs….hehe quite funny really. Prime example, I was clearing up the dinner dishes last night and Chris was wondering around the house aimlessly when he just happened to look down at the cats bowl, and what do you think he saw….yep, ants…..and not just a few there were hundreds!! Now the cats had left a few measly crumbs in their bowl after eating and the ants came for those few measly crumbs as if they hadn’t eaten all week. Needless to say Chris was not impressed at this latest development in his war on ants, so out came the spray and the ant-rid warfare style. If I was an ant and saw him with that can coming toward me I’d be dropping whatever I had and running for my life because not a single ant was left alive last night and I swear Chris felt much better after abolishing them all from the house. Now this is not a weekly or fortnightly occurrence in our house, it’s a daily occurrence, so can you imagine the amount of bug killing spray Chris goes through?? And it’s not little ole fly spray it’s the big ole powerful ant and spider spray, dead set determined to kill all your pesky pests…..lol.

And then there’s our lovely little friends the spiders….my oh my…the spiders we have here are everywhere and I am a believer in if you leave them alone they’ll leave you alone, after all they mostly stay outside but occasionally one or two find their way inside the house. Now if they’re Daddy Long Legs no ones aloud to kill them because I like them and they kill other bugs that come in the house and aren’t harmful to people because their fangs are to short to penetrate the skin. So I leave them alone to keep the rest of the house bug free. If we get garden spiders, red backs, white tails or anything else that can cause harm and dare to break through the boundaries and come inside, I kill them before they even know I’ve hit them. Now my wonderful hubby Chris is not a fan of spiders at all, he would rather annihilate the ants than deal with spiders. Take for example the other night, we’re getting ready for bed and Chris is paranoid about checking the window….not for burglars but for ants…I guess to make sure we don’t get over run in the middle of the night and taken hostage…..hehehe…(he’s going to kill me) and though he didn’t find any ants he did happen to find his friend Mr Spider. Chris says to me, ‘there’s a spider down there.‘ And I replied, ‘so, it won’t hurt you.‘ Chris, ‘how do you know it won’t crawl up the bed and bite us in our sleep. ‘we’ better kill it.‘ Me, ‘So I guess you want me to kill it then?‘ No response from Chris just that look that says you betchya. So out of bed I get after having just gotten comfortable, walk around to Chris’ side, pick up the closest thong and smacked the spider into the ground. He never saw it coming, probably just heard the crazy humans discussing whether or not to kill him. So I picked up the remains and flushed them down the loo, got back in bed and asked Chris if he felt better now, to which he said ‘yep, now I can sleep.‘ To which I responded, ‘unless another one comes in.‘ And then I wet myself laughing because the look on Chris’ face was, ‘Shit, I never thought of that.‘ Then while laughing my butt off I told him this would make a very interesting blog about how the man of the house had to be protected from the big bad spider by his wife. Then I really lost it and so did he and got me back with some tickling which I hate because I’m super ticklish and he knows it.

I guess you had to be there and some of you might be thinking we are just plain old weird but it was funny and sometimes it’s the weird and funny things that happen in a day that make life interesting. I’m telling you, I went to sleep laughing at Chris, his obsession to kill all ants and his paranoia of spiders eating him in his sleep. I couldn’t ask to be more entertained if I tried. Why go out and see a comedy routine when I have my very own right here at home….lol.