So I thought the nesting bug would have settled down by now and while it dimmed a little it’s now back in full force since I picked up my material from Spotlight to make my curtains. It had been on lay-by for so long I forgot what it looked like but once I picked it up and saw it I fell back in love with it all over again. I also happened to catch sight of the furnishing fabrics and they were gorgeous and straight away I had ideas flooding through my head. I’ve thought to make my own doona cover as I just can’t find one in any of the shops I like, and cushions, lots and lots of plush cushions made from beautiful fabrics….Thank goodness I own a sewing machine.

I’m also trying to decide whether to buy new sofas or buy old ones that are built well and have them reupholstered….hmmm decisions, decisions, I think I’ll have to think on that one a bit longer. Either way it’ll be nice when I eventually find the right couch I’m looking for.

This nesting bug has hit me so hard this time round I’m even starting another interior design course. I did one a few years ago and it was more on interior decorating but this new course is a lot more in depth and it looks amazing. Now being that I have kids at home I’m studying online!!! How cool is that? I don’t have to leave the comfort of my house and go out into the heat to sit in a lecture theater, I can do it all from home while the air conditioner keeps me nice and cool. I’m really excited and looking forward to starting this course, it should keep me even busier than I already was which is great, I hate getting bored.

We also got our Olive trees in on the weekend and my beautiful roses and hydrangeas are finally in the right spots as well. The grass in getting more and more green every day and really starting to feel like carpet under your feet. We’re lucky with our lawn, we don’t get prickles… just dog poo which Bec just happened to step in the other day. Thank goodness it was dried out and not fresh…ugh..gross.

So all in all the yards and house are coming together nicely and I’m on a design roll for the exterior as well as interior. It would be oh so bad if I ever won lotto but boy would I have a house and a half built to the exact way I want it designed. I can visualize it already…..hmmm….better keep dreaming for now I think but then you never know what’s around the corner.

P.s……….I have an interesting ant and spider post coming up soon so keep reading