As someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, I have heard about nothing but Christmas for the last 6 to 8 weeks. I haven’t celebrated Christmas for the last eight years and it has been peaceful and stress free and I have enjoyed every minute of not having to rush around to do last minute shopping for food and presents or had to worry about who to invite for lunch or where I am going for lunch or needing to have the kids ready to fly out the door or have them rush around cleaning their rooms so guests and family don’t see how truly messy they are.

Now, I’m suffering through Christmas for a second year running. Chris and his family celebrate the holiday and his Mum in particular puts a lot of emphasis on it. Admittedly I’d be ecstatic to stay home and enjoy the peace and quiet and just have some nice family time in the comfort of my own home, however that won’t be happening this year but it sure will be next year as Chris and I have already decided we’re staying home.

Things really do go wrong at this time of year, all the bills seem to come in at once, there’s presents to buy, travel expenses, the kids are finishing school and driving you crazy and just our luck our hot water system and stove died at the same time last Friday night. Talk about living old school, we have had no gas or hot water for 5 and a half days now and it has been a challenge to try and cook decent meals without a working stove and lets not forget the cold showers, what joy that has been, but I’ve managed it, just. At the moment it feels like everywhere we look something is just not going our way but thankfully persistence pays off.

Now I’m not trying to sound like the Grinch here, it just seems to me December is the worst time of year every year or am I wrong? Perhaps I am, who knows. All I do know is that I’m missing my peace and quiet and stress free December I’ve gotten accustomed to having and with only a week and a half left til Christmas, I’m already looking forward to boxing day where I will be back home, in my own bed, in my garden, down the beach and enjoying what time off Chris has left before he goes back to work.

So yes for me Christmas really is a most painful time of year……..