As you can all see I’ve updated my blog yet again. The reason I’ve done this is because I received some feedback from people who love the blog but find it a little difficult to read with the type of font and font colour I had selected. So being that I don’t want to lose my readers out there I have changed the background and kept the font more easily readable. I hope everyone enjoys the updated blog as much as the old one.

For those who loved it and didn’t want to see it change I apologise and hope you enjoy the new format as much as you did the old format.

Now for what I’ve been up to this weekend. We really didn’t do a lot when I think about it but it was a very productive couple of days. Saturday was mostly catching up at home with cleaning, laundry and more laundry etc. Chris helped Dad out for a bit in the morning and again in the afternoon and came home with a chain saw and a ladies golf putter for me, so not bad payment for helping out. Once Chris was home we took the girls to his most favourite place, yep you guessed it, Bunnings. I’m sure you all remember me telling you how much I love Bunnings, well I felt another visit was in order as I had harvested the spring onions, leeks that didn’t do to well because I found out a little too late they need to be ‘hilled’ to become bigger and thicker and the celery that was great but too skinny and I think that may have been a water issue. So with the vege garden harvested and empty I decided I wanted to plant some summer veges for all those lovely fresh salads we’ll be eating. We bought some lettuce, capsicum (as the dogs destroyed the last lot I had planted), basil, cucumbers and we’re going to attempt to grow some watermelon. I also got another beautiful rose called ‘Pascali’ to go with the red rose I got the other week for the rose garden. So Sunday morning I spent putting in all my lovely new plants and praying the snails would stay away, though I have to say since I put a few snail pellets down I haven’t seen a snail in sight. That will teach them to mess with my garden, now I just need some tomato dust to stop the ants attacking them and the strawberries, who would’ve thought ants would eat fruit and veg?? Not me that’s for sure. Now the garden is stocked with veges and has been given a healthy dose of thrive, I just have to monitor everything and keep watering and hopefully we’ll have good success, especially with the watermelon as I’ve never attempted to grow it before.

Sunday afternoon we decided to go to the car show that was on but the traffic was so bad we couldn’t even get past the roundabout that takes you out of town so we headed into town and took the girls to the foreshore, bought them an ice cream from the best ice creamery in the world, Simmo’s, and decided to let the girls paddle their feet and have some fun. Of course Bec got wet. I knew that would happen but she was having so much fun with Eva I didn’t worry about it. At one point Bec was running behind Eva and tripped over her own feet and fell flat on her face, kissed the ground and got back up and kept chasing Eva. I tried to see if she was ok but she shooed me away. My girl is tough, even with sand down her face and in her mouth and now wetter than ever, she just got up and kept playing not phased at all by the fact she just kissed the ground. When we finally got to the car I said to Bec ‘I’ll take your dress off you in the car because it’s too wet to wear home.’ So I turn to open her car door and as I turn back around to pick her up I see she’s already stripped her dress off and is standing next to the car in nothing but her knickers…lol. I couldn’t help but laugh, she’s so like Luke, they’re so literal that they just do things and don’t wait and after a not so great week she made me laugh and put a big smile on my face. Chris I think was a little mortified and just shook his head. So I put her in the car all but naked and we headed home so I could finish my gardening that was so rudely interrupted, hehe and then Chris’ brother dropped in for a visit on his way home from the car show.

So although I guess the weekend was slow and we didn’t do a great deal it was still productive and enjoyable. I got my new veges in, we made it out for a while, we relaxed and we had fun. What more could one ask for from her family on the weekend, except maybe for the girls to sleep in past 6:30am on a Saturday and Sunday morning, other than that I’m happy.