I’m in a nesting mood this week for a reason I can’t quite figure out. All I seem to want to do is garden, fertilize the lawn, harvest my veges, put new plants in the ground, clean my house and cook til I can’t cook any more. I blame the weather personally. Spring has finally come with a bang and the weather is warm and friendly and inviting me outdoors no matter how much house work there is to do. This morning I was outside at 7:30am watering the front lawn simply because it was a beautiful morning and I needed to be out in the fresh air. The street was quiet and I was lost in my own thoughts thinking how I needed to buy some fertilizer before it gets too hot and where the lawn really needs attention and when are we getting the trailer and getting the side dug out over the weekend and getting my roses in. My mind was going one hundred miles an hour when I was brought back to reality by the girls calling out to me from the front door, ‘we’re still hungry.’ So I fed the masses and decided I was going to make some sweet monkey bread today. (For those who don’t know what monkey bread is look under the recipe tab above.) And while searching through my recipe book I found my pesto recipe I thought I had lost so tomorrow night it’s home made pasta and pesto for dinner. Tonight is lamb and rosemary rissoles with veges.

Why is it nesting only seems to affect us women?? Is it because we have the ovaries? Is it because we are maternal and men aren’t? Or is it just simply a case of we women can be bothered and the men couldn’t care if they lived in tents?? Whatever the reason it just will not leave me alone this week. It all started on the weekend, we had beautiful weather so Chris and I decided to go and play nine holes of golf. Neither of us have played before but my dad has given me some clubs so we thought, lets try it and see how we go. Well it’s got to be one of the funniest but frustrating games I’ve ever played and while most people will think golf can’t be funny, trust me it can be when you’ve got two novices’ on the course. The funniest part aside from us continually missing the ball and not getting it in the hole was Chris hit a really good shot, then it hooked to the left, then it hit the trees and then a magpie (a bird I hate most) came squawking and flying off his branch so fast we couldn’t stop laughing. Chris had taken out the magpie and after years of being swooped by them I finally felt like a little retribution had been done. But for all you animal lovers out there, don’t worry the bird was not hurt just knocked off his perch, seriously funny, it’s four days later and we’re still laughing about it, guess you had to be there. So any way after golf I decided I wanted to go to Bunnings to buy some stakes for the tomatoes as they’re on the ground. Chris hates Bunnings and any other hardware store for that matter, I for some reason I’ve never quite figured out love Bunnings and all hardware stores. I think it’s because the smell reminds me of my pop’s shed. I like to wander around and take my time and see what’s in the gardening section and I always come away with more than what I went in for which is apparently why Chris likes to get in and get out, so I can’t over spend, hmmm. I said to him, ‘you’re the bloke, aren’t you supposed to love the hardware store and I’m supposed to hate it and want to get home? I think there might have been a gene mix up when we were being made hehe..’ to which he responded, ‘maybe, so we’re just getting the stakes right?’ hehehe he should know me better than that by now. I found what I needed plus got a beautiful red rose and some Jasmine, so I was happy, Chris was happy once we got home hehe.

Now we’re half way through the week and I’ve staked the tomatoes, mowed the lawn, watered the lawns, pruned the lavender, put out snail pellets to stop those pests from eating every vege I’m trying to grow, planted the jasmine, done the laundry which is a never ending job with a family of five, made a loaf of rye bread and the monkey bread and am already looking forward to hitting the shop tomorrow to get the OO flour I need to make home made pasta. Anyone would think I’ve just moved out of home and this is all new and fun for me but in reality I’ve been doing this for the last twenty years yet just now this nesting bug has hit me big time. All I can say is watch out kids, watch out Chris, watch out pets and make way for all the projects I have planned to do over the summer.

I do have to wonder how long this nesting bug will linger for……….