The clouds are grey today but the trees are still, I think they might be taking a rest before the rain comes that we’re supposed to have today. It’s early, barely seven o’clock and outside everything is peaceful,quiet and calm  though the street will awaken shortly with everyone leaving their houses and going to work or taking the kids out for the day while the holidays are still going. I will be busy myself in a short while after running an errand in town then watching my beautiful niece and nephew for an hour while I paint Bec and Eva’s playroom. The house is so quiet without Bec here, she usually has me run off my feet from the minute she gets up in the morning. Chris has already left for work and though friends and family say I should stay in bed I can’t help but get up with him and organize his lunch and seeing him off, I know he’s home later in the day but I miss him when he’s gone.

Saturday we took the girls to Meelup Beach, my most favorite beach in the world where the water is always blue no matter what the weather is like. It was a spur of the moment decision to go as we were bored at home and itching to get out, the weather actually wasn’t that great but we thought what the heck if it’s horrible down there we’ll come home. Horrible it was not, the sun was out and reasonably warm even though the sky was still a bit grey. The girls literally took off down to the water without me or Chris, they were so excited to be down there I don’t think they even really stopped to see where we were. Eva was jumping over waves before we knew it and while Bec was a little hesitant to go near the water she ended up the wettest by the time we finished. To top off the day, just as we were leaving a guy said to me ‘there’s whales out there.’ At first I couldn’t see them, how ridiculous is that, it’s a whale and I couldn’t see it…..I’m still laughing about that. But they sure were there and they were playing and blowing water and flicking their tales in the air, it was amazing and the girls thought it was the best thing they had ever seen and I have to agree with them. I’ve been going to Meelup Beach since my family used to come to Busselton for holidays in my teens and this is the first time I’ve ever seen whales there.We stayed watching until we couldn’t see them any more even though Eva swore she could still see them and Bec said she wanted to play with the wheals….(whales) got to love the way she pronounces things it’s such a crack up. In the end it was a good idea to just get out of the house and go for a drive, now we all have the memory of a fun afternoon and being able to see the most graceful animals in water playing around.

Meelup Beach, even on a cloudy day it is still beautiful and one of my favorite places to be.

So now it’s the afternoon and I’m completely knackered after painting the play room, mowing the lawn and putting the table to the new outdoor setting together. My thumbs hurt from holding the paint roller but the colour for the play room is beautiful, I think it’s the nicest shade of blue I have ever seen. My ceilings are quite high and I’m quite short so it was a bit of a mission reaching those high spots but I managed it reasonably well and I think my calf muscles got a good work out with all that over reaching. The lawn looks good too now that it’s done properly, I just can’t wait to pick up the new edger Friday as I’m losing my footpath to the lawn and I’m losing my back to the lawn mower and the car after washing it at the car wash this morning but man I love that place, it’s so easy to get the car so clean and sparkling there…lol. Thank goodness for hot showers  is all I can say, amazing how a hot shower always makes you feel better.

Well so far this week we’ve had fun and plenty of work but it’s easy to make the work fun if you try. Today I’ve had the radio going all day while painting and mowing the lawn and even when I took the car to the car wash I had the radio going. I love my music, especially my country music so I tend to have it going while I work as I find time goes faster when singing along to my favourite songs. At the moment I’ve been listening to Sugarland and Carrie Underwoods new cd’s and I have to say I’m in love with her song ‘Look At Me’. For anyone who’s married and still totally in love with your partner listen to this song and you’ll just love it I’m sure….and even for all the single girls out there as I was for so many years just listen to it because it is a beautiful song. For something a little more fun and funky listen to Sugarlands ‘Stuck Like Glue’ it’s just brilliant and makes you want to sing and dance along to it, so enjoy and let me know what you think. Carrie Underwood Sugarland