Chris and I together after 20yrs.

Well I have to say I don’t think life ever goes according to the plan we have for ourselves when we are young. We make decisions that change our paths and lead us in a completely different direction to where we thought we’d go, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. It isn’t until we are much older and sit back for five minutes and think about life that we realize what we thought we wanted when young wasn’t always what was good for us. We can all say I should have done this or I should have done that but the past is the past and it can’t be changed so look to the future and make the best life possible you can for yourself and those you love.

My teens James, Luke and Lauren at our wedding,
Lauren was one of my bridesmaids.

I have a wonderful husband who I love very much  and we were married in February 2011 and we are very happy and in love. The thing about my husband is he was right under my nose more than 20 years ago and I didn’t even know it yet I knew him. Now some of you are thinking what?? Well it goes like this, I met Chris (my husband) at the start of 1988 when we were in high school together. My friend Christine introduced me to him as she liked Chris’ friend Gary and thought I would like Chris. I remember we hit it off straight away and even back then there was chemistry (he’ll kill me for telling you all that as he’s quite shy at, so we dated on and off for two years and eventually went our separate ways, then my now ex-husband came on the scene. A very long story shortened, I fell pregnant to my ex-husband at 15 and half years old, we got married after our first son James was born in 91, we had two more children Luke born in 93 and Lauren born in 95, life was ok but it wasn’t great and it sure wasn’t what I thought married life should be like, especially growing up watching my parents respect each other and constantly smooching day and night…lol. During the time I was married I didn’t see Chris or even know where he was or what he was doing. I left my ex-husband in September 98 and though it’s not easy raising kids on your own I made it and we survived and thrived.

Eva and Bec, Chris’ daughters, flower girls for the wedding.

Then in late 2008 I found facebook thanks to a friend sending me a friend request via email. I had no idea what is was but thought I’d take a look, I befriended people on facebook I knew in my current life and then I discovered you could find old school friends. Well I did a search on my high school friends and low and behold who should be there…yep you guessed it..Chris. Of course I sent him a friend request with all those old feelings from school coming back and naturally he accepted my request. To my dismay he was involved with someone and had two children but what could I expect we were 33 years old then and though they were separated and we spent time together it wasn’t meant to be at that point in time. I saw Chris for the last time in March of 2009 and we decided not to keep in touch for a while as his ex-partner didn’t like me and as they were giving things another try I decided to step back.

In March of 2010 I moved from Perth, W.A 3hrs south to Busselton, Western Australia to be closer to family and to give my now teens a better lifestyle out of the city. Things were going along really well living in the country and I was happy making new friends and exploring the South West. I missed my closest friends in Perth and kept in touch via email and facebook, then one fateful night on August 17 2010 I decided to check Chris’ facebook page to see how he was doing and was surprised to see he sounded miserable so I investigated his page further and found out his now ex-partner had cheated on him and he’d left her. Being that Trish (a close friend of his) had posted on Chris’ wall and left his mobile number for the world to see I immediately sent him a text and asked him if he was ok. I surprised the pants off him because he sent me one back saying he thought I’d never want to speak to him again….pphhfftt….he’s crazy at times hehe… Again longish story shortened….I called him, we talked, he told me what happened and from that night on we talked every day then in September I was going to Perth to visit friends and we decided to catch up for dinner and what do you know…yep…fireworks….all feelings still there and now we were both free to see each other….we started dating right away and after a couple of months of trips back and forth between Busselton and Perth Chris decided to move in with me and my kids permanently in November. I think we both realized there was no way we were going to let anything stop us from being together this time. In December 2010 we decided to get married and on February 13 2011 we married in a quiet little park surrounded by friends and family. Seven months later and we couldn’t be happier, it took us a long time to get it right but it’s right now and that’s all that matters. I guess you could say we’ve done a full circle….he was the first boy I dated and kissed and now he’s the last man I’ve married and get to kiss every day for the rest of my life……nothing compares to real love…