Hello….It’s Been A While….

Bonjour mon ami’s and how are you all?? Wow, it has been so long since my last post that I feel as if I’m starting my blog all over again.

In a way lots has happened and not much has happened. Francis is getting bigger and stronger every day and is really starting to develop his own little personality and I have to say he really is an easy baby to look after who sleeps wonderfully well at night so his mummy can have lots of rest too. He loves play time on his mat and big sister Bec is always close by to monitor his every move or to pretend she’s a bub again so she gets to play with his toys.

Bec and Francis having some play time…

Remember those projects I started a few weeks before I had Francis?? Well I’m sorry to say they’re still waiting to be finished as I really have not had any spare time to do anything in the way of revamping, however I am hoping to get somewhere with them soon as I’ve bought a new toy that will make things get done a little quicker. I’ll have an update as soon as I’ve made some headway.

On the upside YuppyBubby is up and running again!! I finally managed to get a start on some new burping bibs and they’re all set to be sewn up and put together. I’ve worked out a schedule where I work my butt off for the days Bec is at kindy as that’s when I can get most things done. I have two days for cutting out and prepping patterns and deciding on fabrics and then one day for sewing it all up. It’s going to be alot of work doing it this way but it’s what needs to be done to get things going again and now I’ve started I’m finding my motivation is coming back. I also have another line of products I’ll be starting in the next month or so that will be separate from YuppyBubby so keep your eyes open.

New burping bubs set to go…

We’re planning a weekend trip to Perth this weekend as I’m longing to catch up with friends but mostly I want to visit my nan who is very sick and we really don’t know how much time we have left with her and I feel it’s important for her to meet her newest great grandson before it’s too late. We’ve needed a long weekend break for quite some time now and I think we’ve earned a much deserved break.

My gorgeous smiley boy….
It feels so good to be back and now that bub is down for the night by 8:30pm I’ll be able to update you all more often and I’m looking forward to catching up on some reading to see what you’ve all been up to….well take care for now, I’m off to get some sleep but I’ll be back soon…Au revoir…

Finding Time…

Bonjour….well it has been a long time between posts and there are several reasons for this… I’m beginning to remember what it’s like not to have a lot of time on my hands any more. Francis is thriving so well and is a great sleeper and we have a pretty good routine going now…..we’re also busy with doing the school run as Bec has started kindy and is loving it, so by the time we get her off in the morning, come home, feed, change and burp Francis the morning is almost gone…..he really is the best baby to care for and to take to town as he sleeps well in his pram and is quite content to have a nap while I push him around everywhere….

My gorgeous boy having cuddles after a feed…

The other reason it’s taken me so long to get round to a post is because I’ve been having major trouble with my phone and computer…..I upgraded the software on my phone and now it won’t let me transfer pictures to the computer…all the settings have changed and after getting so frustrated trying to sort it out the other day I was ready to throw both computer and phone out the window, so I stayed off both for a while with the exception of instagram…..I’m seriously thinking I’ll have to take my phone into the telstra shop and ask them to fix it…..sometimes technology really sucks….

Lots of cuddles to be had….

And the other reason I’ve been a little lax in getting a post done is I just want to spend as much time with my new baby boy as possible…..he’s so amazing to watch and he’s just started smiling this week…and it’s all these little things I don’t want to miss because I’m on the computer….Things this time round are very different….I find I’m more relaxed looking after bub, I’m enjoying it more and while I’m totally engrossed in watching Francis get bigger and loving smooching him at every opportunity I get (pretty much all day hehe)….I have to admit I’m looking forward to him getting bigger so I can teach him things like gardening, refurbishing furniture, painting, swimming and basically showing him there’s a lot more to life than t.v and computer games…..I want him to be an out door kid who loves being active and uses his imagination and inquisitiveness to enjoy different activities. Already Francis is very alert to what’s going on around him, very, very strong in his neck and tries to climb up you when having a cuddle…..I have a feeling he’s going to do everything early like his big sister Lauren did….

So yes while I’m still finding time to blog and report on life I’m enjoying all that’s happening at the moment and looking forward to more to come…..well I’m off for now but I will be back soon so take care and Au revoir….xo


New Bed Love….With Some Drama…

So last Friday after being on layby a little longer than intended our new bed was delivered…yey…or I thought it would be yey but it turned out to be three days of ARGH!!!

Now Chris and I are usually more than competant when it comes to putting furniture together and we work well as a team and never lose out patience or temper with each other while building something….but this bed…this bed was a right royal pain in the ASS! It came with one page of instructions with no words on it just diagrams and all screws were shaded making them all look the same and the diagrams were all wrong….they had pieces showing in the wrong place and upside down and another piece that supposedly sat flush with the bed but in reality doesn’t sit flush as it’s too short.

After attempting to put the bed together Friday, Saturday (which included talking to Bedshed) and Sunday and getting pretty much nowhere we finally called Bedshed Monday ready to send it back and get our money back. However one of the guys there was really understanding and said he’d come out and have a look to see if he could help. It turned out we had a few screws in the wrong places, despite them fitting and looking like they belonged, some screws just didn’t fit and had lost their thread and the middle beam needed to be taken back to the store to be adjusted. Russell finished putting the frame together for us as we had it mostly done but some screws had lost their thread and wouldn’t go any further, he also said he’d be back after work to bring the new screws and middle beam back……when he did come back Chris was home from work himself and they both went down to the room and had the bed finished in five minutes!! Seriously after four days of cursing and wanting to throw the bed out the window they just finished it quick as…..mind you Russell did come back with some tools that made the job alot quicker and easier. So because of Bedsheds fabulous customer service and help in us keeping our sanity we will still be shopping at Bedshed when it comes time to buy Bec’s new bed and a few other things I have my eye on….

The new bed that caused so much drama…it almost took the love away from it…
Now it’s all sorted I love it again and totally enjoy having the headboard to lean against while feeding Francis in the middle of the night and it’s made our mattress more comfy too…Now to just sit and wait a little while longer for my new couches…woohoo..!!
So have you ever bought a piece of furniture you’ve longed for just to have it go pear shape and almost send you insane?? I’d love to hear your stories….Well I have to go as I have a few things that need doing before bub wakes up…I will be back tomorrow with an update on how we’re all going now Francis is here….take care for now….Au revoir..xo

Another Year Together….And Many More To Come..

Bonjour mon ami’s.
Well today marks an important day for Chris and I as it’s our second wedding anniversary. The last two years have been filled with ups and downs and too many outside stresses to test our patience but through it all we have held onto each other and supported each other which has only made our marriage and love for each other stronger.
Two years ago today and we love each other more with each passing day…
And what better way to cement our love for each other than with the arrival of Francis…he has brought so much joy to our lives and we still can’t stop looking at him and how each day he changes just a little bit more. He’s a beautiful baby and looks just like his daddy and has his mummy’s eyes..
Our beautiful boy looks just like his daddy with mummy’s eyes…
Chris so proud to have a son, he loves him so much…
Me and Francis after a quick trip out on Sunday, it was a little warm..
This year we haven’t as yet got each other anything in particular for our anniversary as it’s just been busy, busy, busy since Francis was born and Bec starting kindy….though we have bought each other a card and I’m happy with that as I don’t really think anything could top having Francis come into our lives as an early anniversary present…..I’m sure though we will find some time to get each other a small something out of our appreciation for each other….
You know when you think about it, finding that person you want to spend your life with and who compliments you and knows all your weird and whacky ways of doing things is defintiely not easy and believe me it can take years to find them but when you do it’s more than you could ever have asked for and for this reason you need to cherish every moment that life gives you together.
The beautiful card Chris gave me….his own words inside mean so much..
The card I gave Chris before he left for work this morning….
One of my favourite scriptures, it describes just how love should be…

(1 Corinthians 13:4-8) 4 Love is long-suffering and kind. Love is not jealous, it does not brag, does not get puffed up, 5 does not behave indecently, does not look for its own interests, does not become provoked. It does not keep account of the injury. 6 It does not rejoice over unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth. 7 It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 8 Love never fails. . .


Welcome Francis Albert Lisle…..

Bonjour mon ami’s and it’s great to be back!! Well as most of you know by now the big news is that Francis Albert Lisle is finally here and it was no easy feat getting him to join the world…After three days of different methods of trying to get me to dilate and efface so the doctor could break my water it finally happened Friday morning on the 1st Feb 2013 but only after we had to leave Busselton hospital and drive to Bunbury on the Thursday evening. There were women coming in left, right and center in labor here in Busselton and being that it’s a country hospital they couldn’t go ahead and do the induction while other women were in labor, so off we went to Bunbury where they said they would be able to take us.
Thankfully we had the amazing Zoe as our midwife and she delivered Francis and was amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much gratitude for a midwife before as I have for Zoe, some people are just meant to be midwives, it’s in their blood.
My amazing and wonderful husband Chris was the best support I could have asked for…He has never seen a natural delivery as Eva and Bec were both c-section deliveries…I had told Chris it would be different this time and I’m not sure if he fully understood what I meant until things were well on their way and I was in full labor. He stayed with me the whole time, never leaving my side and when it came time to pushing he was encouraging, supportive and strengthening to me…..at one point Zoe said I had to stop pushing as they don’t like babies coming out too fast and I was like ‘what are you kidding I can’t stop I have to finish getting him out.’ hehehe so easy to laugh now….Chris assured me I could stop and to hold on and then once they gave me the green light to go it was just a couple more pushes and Francis was out…..Chris says it was an amazing experience he can’t describe and one he’ll never forget it and neither will I. So at 7:15pm on the 1st Feb 2013 and little man finally decided to make his appearance.
So now we have our beautiful boy that neither of us can take our eyes off of or want to put down but we do as we don’t want bad habits developing……and after a few sleepless nights once home we’ve got a good routine going now and Francis really is a beautiful, pleasure to care for and love…..he sleeps well during the day, feeds well, is sleeping much better in the evening now and after his first trip into town today he has come home exhausted and is sound asleep…..he never grizzles much unless he’s having his nappy changed….he really doesn’t like his bum being exposed….lol.
Proud Papa and a wonderful husband…I could not have asked for a better husband…
In at Bunbury Hospital…
Francis’ frist day home…
Just a few of the presents from friends and family…
Snuggled up with me in bed after a feed the other morning….I love this pic…
All dressed up to go to town in an outfit daddy bought…
Stripped down and cooling down after a big first day out…he was amazing to take out..
So after a busy first week of life for Francis adjusting to the outside world we are more than happy to have him in our little home and lives and look forward to all the years of growth and change we will all go through together as a family…..So take care for now and I’ll be back soon…Au revoir…xo

Chalk Paint Chair….

So as most of you know I had a list of projects I wanted to do before bub arrives and so far I’ve been on track but my chair below will be waiting for it’s wax coat until after I’m home from hospital and in routine with bub now but it’s almost done. The bigger project I wanted to do will  have to wait til after bub is home as I’ll need to get into a routine with him and it’ll take a week to get it done. However I did start something completely new to me, I’ve never used it before and being that once again we can’t get it in Australia (story of my life being in the west) I’ve had to do some research into how to make my own….Chalk Paint that is.
Now I would like to ask you my lovely fellow bloggers if any of you have had the chance to work with Chalk Paint or made your own to use?? I first read about Chalk Paint over at Reloved Rubbish and Amanda had me intrigued as with this paint as you don’t need to sand, there’s no need to prime the sufarce before application, just start putting the paint to the piece you want to revamp and it’ll adhere…..Sounds great right?? Yep sure did to me too until I went to see if we could get it here and of course we can’t. Now I really wanted to try this painting style and as I can’t buy it I thought the next best thing to do would be to make it, so after some research I found Liz at Naptime decorator who generously shared how to make Chalk Paint and it really is quite simple. It’s basically 2 parts paint to 1 part plaster of paris and if the paint is a little stiff then add slowly a few drops of water and mix. If while painting the paint stiffens a bit just mix it around and loosen it up, it’ll remix.

Armed with this new knowledge I thought, right I’m off to Bunnings (naturally lol) to get some plaster of paris and get my chair done. And that is what I did….now my mixture was a little too stiff when I started so I had to add more water to get the right consistency. The first coat was looking a little scary but I was sure once it dried and I got the second coat on things would come good.

One of our dining room chairs…ready to be revamped…

The reason I’ve only done one dining room chair so far is because our setting originally had six chairs but one night when I was mopping the floor at the old house I accidently knocked a chair off the table and it hit the ground so hard that the wood split and broke the leg……so now we have five and being that five is an odd number (and I don’t like odd things, ever) I only have four around the table and the spare sits in the kitchen for when we need it. However if all goes well with the first trial chair then I’ll be revamping the whole dining suite…..

After popping out a couple of screws I removed the cast iron work that I love…

With the first coat of my home made chalk paint…I used the duck egg blue…

As you can see with the first coat things were looking a little scary from my point of view and once the paint is dry it feels quite rough but then it is chalk paint…I’ve been assured that once the wax is on it has a lovely finish and a nice feel to it.

My chair with the iron back in so you can all see how things are going…one more coat of paint and then a waxing and all will be done…however it may be a few weeks before I can finish it..

Considering once again this is a first attempt at something completely new I’m very happy with how it’s going so far and I’m loving the colour…it seems the plaster of paris has made the Duck Egg Blue a little lighter once dry but I quite like it as it’s a softer blue. Obviously there will be a part 2 to this post once I’ve finally finished it so keep your eyes open to see how things go once the wax is on….For now I’m off to do a few last minte things before bub makes his arrival so take care for now and Au revoir….xo



Early Morning Rising…

Bonjour mon ami’s….Well it’s another early morning wake up for me here at Home, Love & Life and honestly I wish I was still sleeping…..You see the last two mornings I have woken up at 3:45am to go to the loo (as you do when your a week or so off having a baby) and just have not been able to get back to sleep. Whether it’s because I start thinking about things I need to do before bub comes or because my body’s trying to get used to being sleep deprived already I’m not sure but it’s frustrating because what then happens is I’m up for a couple of hours and then feel the need to go back to sleep knowing Bec will be up in an hour or so……then I spend the rest of the day trying not to fall asleep on the couch.
Who wouldn’t want to sit here on a lovely early morning and enjoy the peace on this gorgeous porch…I have a thing for porches….I’ve always loved them and I have to admit although mine is smaller than this one pictured I do love sitting out there in the early morning with a cuppa or early evening having a chat with Chris and watching Bec run up and down the drive way…
So this morning I decided to stay as awake as possible and get all the last minute annoying jobs done before bub puts is an appearance….you know the ones….clean the loo out, clean the bathroom…especially the hand basin….oh how I hate a grubby hand basin, make beds, get the last of the washing done, make sure there’s enough food in the house so everyone doesn’t starve while I’m in hospital. So yes the jobs that tend to go on the back burner at times…..I figure if I get them done this morning then it won’t matter so much if I have a nana nap this afternoon….after all once bub is here who knows when my next nana nap will be.
Nothing nicer than a clean tidy bathroom….
And when all the washing is done and nice and fresh off the line..
So today is really a tidy up day with the hope of getting in a little retail therapy a bit later on as I saw a really cute item for bubs room yesterday over at Thingz Living and I’m hoping to get back there to pick it up…..I’ll share on instagram later.
Well that’s it from me for now….I may be back a little later today once the energy levels kick in and I’m more awake….so have a good day and don’t forget to enter the Personal Planner give away as I know you’d all love to win one and remember you have to be in it to win it as they say….take care and Au revoir for now….xo

A Personal Planner Give Away For You Stationary Lovers….

Bonjour mon ami’s and welcome to A Personal Planner give away…who doesn’t love stationary…I know I do and I know there are plenty of you out there who also love stationary whether it be a diary, pens, notebooks, sticky notes or personal planners.
So when the lovely folks at Personal Planner Australia contacted me to see if I’d like to host a give away how could I possibly say no if it means all my lovely readers have a chance to win a personal planner for yourselves.

The cover of my planner….

A sample of the many covers you can choose….
The folks at Personal Planner have gone to a lot of thought as to how you can design your planner to suit your life….On the inlay you can choose how you want pages ruled up, to do lists, idea notes, change the font, place dates to remember and in the back you can choose from blank pages, ruled pages and even colouring in pages…..I actually chose some colouring in pages so I can print them off and have on hand to entertain Bec with.
So how would you like to win one for yourself?? I’m sure you would and Personal Planner Australia are happy to ship to you no matter where you live. So here it is, all you have to do to win one of these gorgeous planners is:
1. Head over to Personal Planners Web Page and ‘Like’ them on Facebook….
2. Head over to my Facebook Page and hit ‘Like’…..
3. Come back here and leave me a message letting me know it’s all done….you don’t have to follow my blog, anonymous comments are welcome too…..However just make sure there’s a way I can contact you should you happen to be the lucky winner….
Is this not the easiest competition you’ve ever entered….so what are you waiting for, go ahead and start entering as of today and the winner will be announced on the 4th February 2013….

From Drab And Outdated To Revamped And Useful…

Bonjour mon amis…as I said on Friday I’ve been working on a small and quick project but despite it being small and an easy project anyone could do I have to say I’m very happy with it and love the colour….Now most of you know I love to white wash everything I revamp (hehe) but this time I wanted to inject a little colour against the white…..For ages I’ve loved Duck Egg Blue so I went with it at half strength and am so happy with the way it came out, especially considering I’m not really a big blue lover…with the exception of the ocean 🙂
Old and out dated…though I kind of liked this blueish colour and that’s what inspired me to go with the Duck Egg Blue…..
So all I did was remove the backing cardboard, the picture which was just a print and the glass. I threw the glass out as I had no need for it, I turned the print over and glued it to the backing cardboard and gave it a couple of coats of white paint.

A few coats of white paint and the backing is ready to have pics pinned to it….

Next I primed the frame with a couple of coats of white paint then finished it with the Duck Egg Blue, popped the painted backing back into the frame and voila done….Now I have either a new notice board or a mood board, I’m not quite sure what it’s going to be used for yet…..I’m even thinking about maybe putting it in bub’s room where I can put pics as he’s changing.

Finished in Duck Egg Blue….

I love the blue against the white…it won’t live here but a good spot to get a good pic…

This really was such a quick and easy project and I’m still on track for all the things I want to get done before bub arrives…assuming he doesn’t come today, that is because today I’m starting on a slightly bigger project that I’m going to need a few days for…..so hopefully he’ll let me get it done.

I’m really happy with how it came out and now to find the right home….it could still go in bubs room yet….

A possible home for my new notice/mood board….

So what do you think mon ami’s are you a blue colour lover or do you prefer to stick to all white or perhaps you have another colour you love to throw around the house….I’d love to know what your fave accent colours are.
Well I’m off for now so take care and I’ll be back asap before bub has me in hospital and I can’t do anything for a while…..Au revoir ami’s….xo

A Quick Visit….

Last Sunday I got a call from my awesome daughter asking me if she could come down to stay for a week or so as she’s just recently broken up with her boyfriend and needed some time out of the city. Of course being the awesome mum that I am (hehe) I said of course she could come and stay so two and half hours later she turned up on our door step. Admittedly she caught up with friends and spent a few nights at her cousins house and I haven’t seen her as much as I’d like but there comes a time where you have to let go and it’s not always easy. We have been spending yesterday and today just hanging out though and it’s been nice having her back at home. Now she’s heading back to the city tonight as she has some stuff she needs to sort out….I’m kind of hoping I go into labor so she’ll stay…lol….I miss having her to hang out with and go to town and do all our girlie things we used to do when she still lived at home.
Me and Lol (Lauren) not long after moving to Busselton…was a good afternoon at the beach with Luke too…
Although it’s been a quick trip home for Lol and I wish she was staying longer it’s been so good to see her and she’s been doing the big sister thing with Bec and Eva….she always wanted a little sister when she was little and now she’s ended up with two and a baby brother on the way….
Eva and Bec hanging out with big sister Lol….they were having such a ball together especially when Lol took some photos on her computer…It’s amazing how much can change in three years..
Well I have to go as Chris will be home soon and it won’t be long before we have to take Lol to the bus station and see her off so I better go spend some last minute time with her…..Don’t you wish sometimes you could make the kids stay small so you didn’t have to let them go?? Sounds weird I know but hey I’ve been doing this lark since I was 16yrs old……and about to start again hehe….
Tonight I’ll be finishing off a small project I started and I’ll be back to show you  all tomorrow so for now take care and Au revoir….xo